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Welcome to Maiar DEX ⚡


Quick notes:#

💡 Official website:

What is the Maiar Exchange?#

It's a DEX AMM running on the Elrond Network. It is built by the same team that has built the Elrond blockchain. You could call it the "official" DEX. There can be any number of DEX-es built on Elrond, but the team wanted to build the first one, because it is special.

What's special about the Maiar Exchange?#

Well, a number of things:

State Sharding: The Elrond blockchain is the first live blockchain with state sharding. Other chains with similar architectures, such as Ethereum 2.0, are still in development or are yet to enable state sharding. Anyone who wants to understand sharded DeFi should pay attention to Elrond DeFi.

SFTs LP Tokens: trade, collateralize - Providing liquidity on the Maiar Exchange gives you LP tokens, like most AMM DEXes. Uniquely in the space, the Maiar Exchage LP tokens are tradeable. This means you can provide liquidity, then sell your position, or take a loan against it (use LP tokens as collateral). Awesome and a DeFi first, because of Elrond’s unique ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token) architecture.

Maiar App: onboarding, 2FA - You can use Elrond’s Maiar app to login and sign transactions on the Maiar Exchange. As secure as a Ledger hardware wallet, as convenient as Face ID + tapping on the screen.

Additionally, Maiar is super easy to use - it automatically and securely creates a wallet in seconds, using just a phone number (not shared, only a hash of it is used one time for wallet creation). ~500k users use Maiar, and it was just launched in February ~ 6 months ago.

Why is the Maiar Exchange important?#

The Elrond ecosystem has 200+ partners. With the launch of the Maiar Exchange, the ESDT version of their tokens can be deployed in liquidity pools and expand access for their community. This will generate adoption for the Maiar Exchange, volume, and generate more transactions on the Elrond blockchain, increasing demand for EGLD in the process.

When will Maiar Exchange launch?#

The Maiar Exchange will launch in November.

What is MEX?#

MEX is the token powering the Maiar Exchange. It is required for the governance of the decentralized exchange platform, as fuel for the perpetual decision-making process that will maintain the Maiar DEX ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, operational model, listing policies, and other actions aimed at creating a sustainable value cycle for its stakeholders. Furthermore, the MEX token is designed as a value capture mechanism and incentive vehicle that will allow the compelling attributes of the economical advancements it enables to scale with its adoption.